Marbella Design offers a unique opportunity to enter one of the most alluring international markets in Europe. As one of the most exclusive beach resorts on the Costa del Sol, Marbella has a large international community composing business men, wealthy Europeans, Middle Easterns and Russians to name a few. Marbella is one of the favourite destinations of the wealthy and this has resulted in the growing of the luxury housing market.
Even though this is Marbella Design’s first edition, the organising team has an extensive and international track record of organising art fairs all over the world (Miami, London, New York).


Patricia Cardona de Zietz | Teresa Sapey | Alejandro Zaia | Sebastian Valdez | Manuel Diaz Cebrian | Paloma Gómez Marín


CHAIRMAN & CEO: Alejandro Zaia | ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Manuel Díaz-Cebrian | PARTNER: Sebastián Valdez | ARCHITECT: Othon Castañeda |
PRODUCTION MANAGER: Fortunata Calabro | VIP & COLLECTORS: Pía Rubio de la Rocha | COMMERCIAL MANAGER: José Forriols | CONSULTANTS: 4d-arty | MEDIA AND PRESS RELATIONSHIPS: Mónica Iglesias | SPONSORS & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER: Anita Lüscher | WEB DESIGNER: Cristina Férnandez | LOGISTICS: Kimiko Tsukame

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