Marbella Design
Fifteen days of Design and Interior Design in Marbella. The largest international exhibition of Design and International Interiorism held in Spain. An innovative space, with an exclusive project, in which more than 40 interior designers, and design galleries, recognized nationally and internationally, come together to exhibit their latest avant-garde designs, collections and luxury furniture.

A unique international community
The city of Marbella and its commitment to the promotion of art and design, participate as the main sponsor of MARBELLA DESIGN, providing support and resources for the development of the city. Consolidated as the capital of luxury, Marbella is a city that offers high-end services, both residential and tourism, so that every year brings together a large number of high-income communities.

Marbella Design offers a unique opportunity to access one of the most exclusive and interesting markets in Europe. A unique meeting in which, for fifteen days, the best design galleries will gather with collectors, curators, interior designers, architects, etc., and a cosmopolitan visitor who loves luxury and the most exclusive design, represents one of the best windows for a designer to offer his latest creations and trends. For the hiring of a space in Marbella Design, the exhibitor must present a perfectly structured decoration project, which will be examined by our committee, for the true integration within the space..


Patricia Cardona de Zietz | Teresa Sapey | Alejandro Zaia | Sebastian Valdez | Manuel Diaz Cebrian | Paloma Gómez Marín


CHAIRMAN & CEO: Alejandro Zaia | ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Manuel Díaz-Cebrian | PARTNER: Sebastián Valdez | AMBASSADOR: Julian Gallego | CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Sergio Sánchez Pardo & David Jiménez García | DESIGN FOR LIFE COORDINATOR: Paloma Gómez Marín | EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Carolina Abril | PRODUCTION DIRECTOR – ARCHITECT: Othon Castañeda | DIRECTOR OF EXHIBITION AND OPERATIONS: Fortunata Calabro | VIP & COLLECTORS: Pía Rubio de la Rocha | CONSULTANTS: 4d-arty | MEDIA AND PRESS RELATIONSHIPS: Mónica Iglesias | SPONSORS & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER: Anita Lüscher | WEB DESIGNER: Cristina Férnandez | LOGISTICS: Kimiko Tsukame

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