Marbella Design second edition will take place from 4 to 15 July

MARBELLA DESIGN prepares its second edition with a renewed philosophy and changes in its creative direction

  • More than forty prestigious designers will attend to Marbella Design second edition, which will take place from 4 to 15 July at El Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Marbella.
  • Each exhibitor will give life to its space with a concrete decorative intention, taking pieces from the most exclusive brands.
  • MARBELLA DESIGN volverá a contar con las jornadas “Design for Life”.

Madrid, February 2019, Spain. From the 4th to the 15th of July, MARBELLA DESIGN will fill at Málaga Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones with design, exclusive pieces, luxury, gastronomy, music and conferences. In its second edition, more than 40 renowned interior designers will make Marbella the epicentre of interior design world, decoration and luxury design. The successor of the 2018 edition arrives more mature and with a clear objective and philosophy; MARBELLA DESIGN wants to position itself as an exhibition that seeks to go beyond and become experience. The event looks to the future taking the best references of past and present, creating an innovative space, full of the most exclusive interior design winks, but without forgetting the most cutting-edge design of the current panorama.

For eleven days, each exhibitor will give shape and life to their space with a concrete decorative intention; a speech that the designers will configure using the pieces of the most exclusive firms. Likewise, art will continue to occupy a prominent place in the interior design, given that the event is organized by the same ART MARBELLA team, with five years of consolidation in the market, headed by Alejandro Zaia, and Manuel Díaz Cebrián as Artistic Director. However, a dialogue between design, architecture, object and art will be established in these ephemeral and unique proposals.

Among others, the interior designers Sandra Amate, Adriana Nicolau, Soledad Ordoñez, Bontemps, Nayra Iglesias, Javier Martín Designs (with a space designed by Blanca Pera), Susana Urbano (from Urbano Interior studio) and Villeroy & Boch ( whose space will be designed by one of the best interior designers of the current scene) or Gastón y Daniela Málaga. In addition, Guadarte will collaborate with the furniture of MARBELLA DESIGN the common areas and will be attended by the prestigious designer Héctor Ruíz Velázquez, responsible for the creative/architectural direction of Starlite, who will have a special and outstanding participation in this edition.

MARBELLA DESIGN 2019 also seeks to appeal to all the senses of the attendees, making the experience even more complete thanks to the restoration spaces that will be design for the occasion in the 3.112 m2 of Palacio de Ferias, Exposiciones y Congresos, and where you can taste the last gastronomic trends.

The exhibition philosophy change is also accompanied by a new creative team, formed by Carolina Abril, from “Con A de Abril”, at the head of the executive direction, and Sergio Sánchez and David Jiménez García as creative directors. Sergio and David are the founding interior designers of the brands Proyecto Living and Deseesedesign, specialized studios in the professional spaces design, contract and retail, as well as luxury residences with turnkey projects.

Besides, in this edition the event will count with the CLOROFILA DIGITAL special sponsorship, a reference company and to the vanguard in the field of the digital printing, with 30 years of trajectory.

So MARBELLA DESIGN seeks to consolidate itself as one of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to the Spain design, meeting point and communication between professionals and lovers of design and luxury. A fundamental showcase for national and international designers, emerging figures and established personalities, in an event that has a wide range of public and foreign professionals, thus opening up Spanish design and interior design to the most international and exclusive sector.

Design for Life Conferences In addition to having an interior designers list and renowned design brands, this MARBELLA DESIGN edition will again organize the “Design for Life” conference cycle which, following the success achieved in the previous edition, will be held on this occasion July 13. They will be discussed, among other things, the latest trends in design and interior design, both within and beyond our borders.

It is also worth mentioning that, once again, Paloma Gómez Marín, the famous Open House Madrid event director, repeats at the organization head and direction of “Design for Life” in this new edition.

In the high season middle, MARBELLA DESIGN joins the culture wide range and leisure activities that take place in the city currently, with the other major events such as Starlite Music Festival; and thus, confirms its commitment to turn Marbella and the Costa del Sol into the design reference city.

About MARBELLA DESIGN – Fifteen Design and Interior Design days in Marbella. The largest International Design and Interior Design held in Spain international exhibition. An innovative space, with an exclusive project, in which more than 40 interior designers, and design galleries, recognized nationally and internationally, gather to exhibit their latest designs, collections and luxury furniture.

From 4 to 15 July 2019
Palace of Fairs, Congresses and Exhibitions of Marbella
Instagram: @marbelladesignfair
LinkedIn: Marbella-design
Twitter: @MarbellaDesignF

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